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Starbucks® Anniversary Blend

Special Offer: Free Anniversary Tasting Cup with your purchase of Anniversary Blend Coffee Details

A complex, full-bodied coffee blend with spicy flavor notes.

Tasting Notes

Spicy & Bold

Enjoy this with:

A bowl of buttery popcorn and a flip through the photo album.

Roast Dark
Region Asia / Pacific
Latin America Africa Arabia Asia Pacific
1 lb
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  • The Starbucks Roast
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  • Coffee Journey

Recipe for great coffee

  1. Use cold, filtered water and a clean machine.
  2. Grind beans just before brewing:
    • Coarse for coffee press
    • Medium for automatic drip
  3. Measure 2 tbsp (10 g) ground coffee for every 6 fl oz (180 ml) water.

To help preserve that fresh flavor, keep this bag sealed tight in a cabinet (not in the refrigerator) and brew within a week of opening.

Each coffee requires slightly different amounts of time and temperature during the roasting process to create a cup at its peak of aroma, acidity, body and flavor. We classify our coffees in three roast profiles so you can easily find your desired flavor and intensity.

  • Blonde: Blonde-roasted coffees have a shorter roast time, lighter body and mellow flavors.
  • Medium: Medium-roasted coffees are balanced with smooth and rich flavors.
  • Dark: Dark-roasted coffees feature a fuller body and robust, bold flavors.

In 1996, we created Starbucks® Anniversary Blend to commemorate our 25th year. The flavor was so unique, so amazingly bold, we were instantly enamoured. Now the celebration continues.

Behind every cup of coffee, there's a story.

See the people who take such great care in the harvest and processing of our whole bean coffees.

  • Product Details
Starbucks® Anniversary Blend

Long, Long Ago

Coffee traveling from Indonesia to Europe was exposed to fluctuating temperatures in the wooden hulls of sailing ships. The unroasted beans took on intriguing flavors, much like the rare Aged Sumatra in this blend. Carefully aged for three to five years, these beans' cedary spice notes and full body combine beautifully with other Asia / Pacific coffees - a celebration of the passage of time.

    Starbucks® Anniversary Blend 5 5 9 9
    Huge improvement! I've always had a soft spot for Anniversary Blend. My first experience was in 2011, and I though it was AMAZING. I love the cedar woodsiness, and the interesting spice notes. 2012 was amazing as well, but 2013 was significantly disappointing. It was totally overpowering and was woodsy to the point of tasting like charcoal. This year, though.. I'm convinced this is the best Anniversary Blend yet. It's rich, sensuous, and very warming to drink. It's perfectly comforting for the dipping Autumn temperatures. September 7, 2014
    my new favorite blend Sumatran has always been my favorite Starbuck's brew. I first tried it at the Arctic Club Hotel in Seattle. There was a sample 2-3 oz. pack and a french press to brew in the room. This blend features aged Sumatran beans. Kickin it up a notch, I'll have to buy extra as it's limited time only. September 18, 2011
    It is that time of year Every year from September through maybe November, we look forward to the Anniversary blend. We have served this coffee to family and they are fans also. We purchase at least 9 pouds every year. . Had my cup this morning and did not want to go to work. . . . just wanted to sit and enjoy. . September 16, 2011
    Wonderful Just bought this yesterday and fixed my first cup this morning. It was wonderful, just the right body and blend. Will be stocking up on the Anniversary Blend! September 11, 2011
    One of the best Starbucks has to offer...... Fall is one of my favorite times of the year. The colors, change in temperature and smells of the season...and Anniversary Blend. This is my absolute favorite blend offered. This rich, smooth and full flavored coffee balances out the morning perfectly. Especially on mornings when you can snuggle into your favorite chair with your favorite read and able to look out the back window. Yep, sets the morning off perfectly. I love it with Starbuck's pumpkin scones. The two compliment each other nicely. If you haven't tried this great blend - you owe it to yourself to enjoy this flavorful treat! September 9, 2011
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