Cold Brew System

6 cup
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A cold brew system patented in 1964 that makes robust coffee concentrate with less acidity.

Brew distinctively smooth, flavorful coffee with this patented cold brew system. The Toddy® Cold Brew System extracts the delicious flavor from regular coffee beans in a cold-brew process that produces a bold yet smooth, low-acid coffee concentrate. No electricy required. The concentrate can be served one cup at a time by adding steaming hot or cold water, milk or cream. Also ideal for making tea—served hot or over ice.

  • Brews a superior-tasting cup of coffee coffee with less acidity than coffee made by conventional hot brew methods
  • The Toddy® also makes tea, served hot or cold
  • Coffee or tea concentrate stores in the refrigerator for up to two weeks
  • Brewing container with handle
  • Glass decanter with lid
  • 2 reusable filters
  • Rubber stopper
Technical Details

Capacity: 6-cup (48 fl oz)

Construction: Plastic, glass, rubber

Care Instructions: Hand wash only