Nariño 70 Cold Brew Coffee

Pitcher Packs
12 servings
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Our pitcher packs are made with Starbucks® Nariño 70, a custom coffee developed to be brewed cold.
Tasting Notes
Balanced, smooth & rich with subtly sweet chocolaty notes
Medium Roast
Balanced with smooth and rich flavors.

Cold brew is a simple method that brews with time instead of heat for bold, cold, super-smooth coffee. Using your favorite 48 fl oz (or larger) pitcher, simply add cold water and steep two pitcher packs in the fridge for 24 hours for cold brew coffee you can enjoy for up to a week.

Receive four pitcher packs, which together make twelve 8 fl oz servings.

How to: Cold Brew

Quick and simple steps to beat the heat with easy to make Cold Brew Pitcher Packs.