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Dark Roast Coffee Variety Pack

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Whole Bean
3 lbs
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Three signature Starbucks® Dark Roast coffees, each with its own deliciously distinct personality.
Dark Roast
A fuller body and robust, bold flavors.

Discover deep flavor with these three bold and full-bodied Starbucks® Dark Roast coffees. It takes just the right temperature and amount of time during the roasting process to bring our signature Starbucks® Dark Roast coffees to their peak of aroma, acidity, body and flavor. The result is worth it: enjoy rich, well-balanced Starbucks® Caffè Verona®, bold and refined Starbucks® Gold Coast Blend®, and intensely flavorful Starbucks® Italian Roast.

This is a one-time delivery of three 1 lb bags of coffee.