Ethiopia Yirgacheffe® Espresso Verismo® Pods

Verismo® Pods
48 count
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The floral aroma, sweet fruit flavor and crisp finish make this elegant coffee delicious hot or iced.
Tasting Notes
Floral & Bright
Medium Roast
Balanced with smooth and rich flavors.

This is one of the finest coffees from the birthplace of coffee itself. With a rare floral aroma and intense fruity sweetness, and an elegant crispness that comes from growing at a very high elevation. Perfectly roasted and delicious.

For use exclusively with the Verismo® System, these brewed coffee and espresso pods are made from Starbucks® coffee perfectly ground and proportioned to deliver the flavors you love from our cafés.

Pods are for single use only. Never reuse. Use espresso pod only with espresso brew cycle. Misuse of pods can damage machine.