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Pu'erh Tuocha

Pu'erh Tuocha


Product Info

A pressed cake of intense, earthy pu-erh tea.

Tasting Notes Cup Color is Dark Amber.  Aroma earthy and intense.  Full body.  Flavor is Smokey creamy and earthy.

Region china

Product Details

This Chinese specialty is sun dried and rolled so that the pu-erh leaves can undergo a fermentation process unlike any other tea. The result is just as unique—aromas of wood, earth and leather, the dark amber color of tea is rich with flavor and sweet earthiness.

How to Brew

For Best Brewing

  1. Use one heaping teaspoon of loose leaves per 8 fl oz of 215° water.
  2. Let it steep for 5 minutes. Wait patiently for perfection.

Black Tea

Black tea is the fully oxidized leaf of Camellia sinensis and requires the most processing. The brewed liquor ranges between dark brown and deep red. Black teas offer the strongest flavors and, in some cases, the greatest astringency.



Did you know?

Sun drying of the leaf makes pu'er teas. Cakes are made by compressing tea leaf with 220 pound stones and then dried to a solid cake. Chinese aged teas from the Yunnan Province. Pu'er cakes are often given as an expensive gift.