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Tall Iced Tea Glass - Clear, 14 fl oz

Tall Iced Tea Glass - Clear, 14 fl oz

Item# 011029537
14 oz

Product Info

A handmade, one-of-a-kind seeded glass cup featuring tiny bubbles and fluting.

Product Details

Tall Iced Tea Glass - Clear, 14 fl oz

Raise your glass to iced tea—or any other favorite libation—with a cup that seems to turn any beverage bubbly. This clear Tall Iced Tea Glass is made of Soiree Glass, a seeded glass that gives any beverage the appearance of effervescent champagne. Each handblown piece is unique, with natural individual variations, beautiful fluting for a textured hold, and a satisfying weight in hand. Holds up to 14 fl oz. Handwash only. Do not microwave.

Did You Know

Seeded glass contains tiny bubbles that refract the light for a beautiful effect. These "seeds" are caused when small areas of gas are intentionally trapped in the glass.