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Tazo® Tea Sampler Trio

Tazo® Tea Sampler Trio

Item# 011029289

Product Info

A tea sampler of 3 different Tazo® Teas: one green, one black and one herbal. Great for gifting.

Product Details

Tazo® Tea Sampler Trio

An inviting gift for tea lovers, this Tea Sampler Trio seeks the pleasure of your company this holiday. With 3 different full-leaf teas containing 5 sachets each, the sampler lets you and your friends share a warm cup together any time of day. Each tea has its own story that unfolds with every sip: Tazo® Zen™, a harmonious green tea; Tazo® Joy™, a jubilant black tea, and Tazo® Calm™, a comforting herbal tea.


Includes 3 different full-leaf teas (containing 5 sachets), one each of:

  • Tazo® Zen™
  • Tazo® Joy™
  • Tazo® Calm™