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Starbucks Reserve® Kona Parry Estate

Starbucks Reserve® Kona Parry Estate

Item# 011029271
8 oz

Product Info

Floral and caramel aromas with pronounced citrus and nut flavors.

Tasting Notes Floral & Nutty

Enjoy this with: Rose petal cupcakes and watching the sun dip into the ocean.

Region asia-pacific

Product Details

High upon the slopes of Mauna Loa—in the Kona region of Hawaii’s Big Island—these beans take root in the rich volcanic soil under the bliss of sun-drenched mornings tempered by cloudy afternoons.

The Parry Estate, where the coffee is grown and processed, was once the royal land of King Kamehameha. And like the king’s legacy, which has been carefully archived and preserved, this coffee is tended to with the utmost care to ensure its resplendent flavors.

This Starbucks Reserve® coffee is available only at select times and stores, so be sure to enjoy it when you can.

At a Glance

Producer:  The Parry Estate

Elevation:  660 meters (2,200 feet)

Coffee Variety:  Typica

Processing Method:  Washed

Did You Know?

The uniqueness of the environment is what makes Kona coffee so special. Sun in the morning followed by afternoon rains produces a coffee like no other.

Starbucks Reserve®

Of the thousands of coffees we encounter in our search for the best, only a precious few are deemed exceptional enough to become Starbucks Reserve® coffees, offered only for limited times at select stores.