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Starbucks Reserve® Burundi Ngozi

Starbucks Reserve® Burundi Ngozi

Item# 011028640
8 oz

Product Info

A multi-dimensional coffee from Burundi that delivers amazing flavors in a single cup.

Tasting Notes Cinnamon and chocolate

Enjoy this with: A chocolate cinnamon truffle tart and a outdoor adventure.

Region africa-arabia

Product Details

Black tea-like aroma and cinnamon spices with chocolate accents.

This extraordinary coffee from the town of Ngozi in northern Burundi was delivered to us by Gashikanwa Specialty Coffee, a female-owned trading company in a male-dominated field that is helping to develop Burundi's specialty coffee industry while improving the lives of the farmers.

Currently, Gashikanwa Specialty Coffee works with more than 2,000 small farmers and approximately 700 of which are female farmers.

This special Starbucks Reserve® coffee is in very limited supply and only available at select stores.

At a Glance

Producer:  Gashikanwa Specialty Coffee collects and delivers to private washing stations from over 2,000 small farmers through organized collection centers annually.

Elevation:  5,000- 5,400 feet (1,650m to 1,800m)

Processing Method:  Washed (wet)

Did You Know?

Gashinkanwa Specialty Coffee is evolving the coffee industry in Burundi. All the coffee that is traded is traceable based on a farmer ID system. A general receipt number and a receipt are given to farmers which is distinguishable and very rare in Africa.

This coffee is from Ngozi, the center of the coffee belt in Burundi. Although technically land-locked, this small east-African country borders the massive Lake Tanganyika, one of the largest freshwater lakes in the world. Gashikanwa Specialty Coffee is a domestic trading company that collects and delivers coffee cherries from 2,000 small farmers to private washing stations.

Starbucks Reserve®

Of the thousands of coffees we encounter in our search for the best, only a precious few are deemed exceptional enough to become Starbucks Reserve® coffees, offered only for limited times at select stores.