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Starbucks Reserve® Perú Aladino

Starbucks Reserve® Perú Aladino

Item# 011028409
8 oz

Product Info

A namesake coffee from a passionate coffee farmer in Peru - Aladino Delgado.

Tasting Notes Citrus, particularly orange; mango and nuts.

Enjoy this with: An orange walnut cake and a sense of discovery.

Region latin-america

Product Details

Citrusy with soft florals, sweet toffee notes and a cocoa mouthfeel.

We bring you coffee from Peru's Chontali district for the first time. Featuring Bourbon and Typica varietals, it wows us with bright, citrusy flavors - unusual for beans from Peru.

Some of the processing techniques used by farmer Aladino Delgado are also unique. Harvested beans are fermented above ground in earthenware tanks and then placed in greenhouses to create a controlled microclimate for drying. All part of Aladino's efforts to produce coffees this exquisite for years to come.

This special Starbucks Reserve® coffee is in very limited supply and only available at select stores.

At a Glance

Producer:  The farm of Aladino Delgado in the Chontali District in the northern highlands of Peru.

Elevation:  1,800 meters, 5,800 feet

Coffee Variety:  Bourbon and Typica

Processing Method:  Washed (wet)

Did You Know?

Perú Aladino is the namesake coffee from the farm of Aladino Delgado, in the Chontali District in the northern highlands of Peru. The farm is in the Rio Chunchuras Valley, formed by a mountain chain and descending forests, resulting in rugged terrain and a growing altitude of 1,800 feet. The Chontali area is rich with Incan culture and agriculture (primarily coffee & rice) employs about half of the workforce.

Starbucks Reserve®

Of the thousands of coffees we encounter in our search for the best, only a precious few are deemed exceptional enough to become Starbucks Reserve® coffees, offered only for limited times at select stores.