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Iced Coffee Brewer Set - Gray, 40 fl oz

Iced Coffee Brewer Set - Gray, 40 fl oz

Item# 011026164

Product Info

A brewer set that makes delicious iced coffee using the pour-over method.

Product Details

Iced Coffee Brewer Set - Gray, 40 fl oz

The brewer set with everything you need to brew iced coffee for the whole crowd—easily. The 40-fl oz (1183 mL) BPA-free pitcher with lid and silicone handle is ideal for hot or cold beverages, and the Iced Coffee Brewer Set also includes an easy-to-use pour-over cone and #4 paper filters. It's the ideal, simple way to brew coffee and enjoy it on ice. Hand wash only.

Technical Details

• 5"D x 6.5”W x 12”H

• Capacity: 40 fl oz

• Construction: PCGT body, silicone handle

How to Prepare

  1. Place paper filter into #4 pour-over cone.
  2. Place cone onto 40-fl oz (1183 mL) pitcher.
  3. Grind Starbucks® coffee to a "cone grind."
  4. Measure 8 level 2-Tbsp (10 g) scoops of freshly ground coffee into pour-over cone.
  5. Pour 24 fl oz (709 mL) of hot water 200°F/93°C) over ground coffee, ensuring all grounds are thoroughly saturated.
  6. Remove cone from pitcher once brewing is complete.
  7. Fill pitcher with ice.