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Starbucks Reserve® Sun-Dried Sumatra

Starbucks Reserve® Sun-Dried Sumatra

Item# 011023709
8 oz

Product Info

Spicy and full-bodied with complex flavors of rhubarb jam and tarragon.

Tasting Notes Spice & Dried Fruit

Enjoy this with: A slice of spice cake as the sun rises.

Region asia-pacific

Product Details

This is our first sun-dried Sumatra and it comes from the Wahana Estate.

Until now, we’ve never offered a sun-dried coffee from Sumatra – a country renowned more for its semi-washed coffees – where a determined generation of farmers is challenging tradition to coax bold, unexpected flavors from the beans. Native to Sumatra, this Rasuna varietal is cultivated on the Wahana Estate, where it matures slowly in the shade of native trees. Once ripe, the cherries are handpicked and laid out in the sun to dry with the pulp on, infusing each bean with the fruits natural sweetness.

This Starbucks Reserve® coffee is available only at select times and stores, so be sure to enjoy it when you can.

At a Glance

Producer:  Wahana Estate

Elevation:  1,300 - 1,500 meters

Coffee Variety:  Rasuna

Processing Method:  Natural (dry)

Did You Know?

The Wahana Estate sits in the mountains surrounding Lake Toba, Indonesia’s largest lake and the largest volcanic crater lake in the world. Growing at 1,300 – 1,500 m above sea level, the Rasuna coffee trees in Wahana Estate are shaded by native trees to prevent direct sunlight and allow coffee trees to mature more slowly.

Starbucks Reserve®

Of the thousands of coffees we encounter in our search for the best, only a precious few are deemed exceptional enough to become Starbucks Reserve® coffees, offered only for limited times at select stores.