Starbucks® Holiday Blend Blonde Roast

Starbucks® Holiday Blend Blonde Roast

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A new version of our Christmas Blend. Lots of sweet and spicy flavor in a lighter roast.

Tasting Notes Soft spices with sweet, warm notes.

Enjoy this with: Holiday brunch and a house filled with laughter.

Roast Blonde
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Product Details

Welcome a new tradition.

With its distinct blend of Latin American and aged Sumatran beans, our new Holiday Blonde Roast is a taste to be celebrated. The lighter roast draws out the personality of the blend and lets the unique flavor notes shine through—warm, woodsy aromas and subtle flavors of brown sugar, sweet orange and allspice. This is a brilliant coffee to treasure, share and enjoy all season long.

How to Brew

Recipe for great coffee

  1. Use cold, filtered water and a clean machine.
  2. Grind beans just before brewing:
    • Course for coffee press
    • Medium for automatic drip
  3. Measure 2 tbsp (10 g) ground coffee for every 6 fl oz (180 ml) water.

To help preserve that fresh flavor, keep this bag sealed tight in a cabinet (not in the refrigerator) and brew within a week of opening.

The Starbucks Roast

Each coffee requires slightly different amounts of time and temperature during the roasting process to create a cup at its peak of aroma, acidity, body and flavor. We classify our coffees in three roast profiles so you can easily find your desired flavor and intensity.

  • Blonde: Blonde-roasted coffees have a shorter roast time, lighter body and mellow flavors.
  • Medium: Medium-roasted coffees are balanced with smooth and rich flavors.
  • Dark: Dark-roasted coffees feature a fuller body and robust, bold flavors.