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#2 Paper Cone Coffee Filters

#2 Paper Cone Coffee Filters

Item# 011021888
100 count

Product Info

A box of paper coffee filters, designed for use with the StarbucksĀ® Classic Pour-Over Brewer.

Product Details

#2 Paper Cone Coffee Filters

Designed for use with theStarbucksĀ® Classic Pour-Over Brewer, these paper coffee filters help bring out the full-bodied, aromatic flavors from your favorite coffee. 100 paper filters per box. To help reduce waste in our environment, this box is recyclable and the filters are compostable after use.

How to Brew

  1. Place the ceramic cone on your mug.
  2. For best results, insert a Melitta® #2 filter and scoop in 20 g/4 Tbsp ground coffee.
  3. Pour in 295ml/10 fl oz hot water (90°C to 96°C/195°F to 205°F is the ideal temperature).
  4. Enjoy freshly brewed coffee by the cup.