Indivisible Tumbler

Indivisible Tumbler

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A colorful, insulated tumbler that's made in the USA and helps support the Create Jobs for USA fund.

Enjoy this with: Friends, family and neighbors.

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Indivisible Tumbler

Show your support with this colorful, 16-fl oz Indivisible Tumbler. For every purchase, Starbucks will donate $2 directly to the Create Jobs for USA fund. Made in the USA, this BPA-free plastic tumbler contains 35% post consumer material, while its double wall construction helps keep hot beverages hot and cool beverages cool. Handwash only. Do not microwave.


We are indivisible. America is about opportunity. About liberty and justice. About a job for every woman and man who wants one. Right now, these jobs aren't out there, but we believe we can all help change that. When you buy this tumbler, you help too. Two dollars from the sale of each tumbler goes directly to Opportunity Finance Network® and the Create Jobs for USA Fund. Dedicated to creating and sustaining jobs all over the United States by supporting small businesses in local communities. Getting America working again. And showing that as a people and as a country we are, truly indivisible.

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Opportunity Finance Network® is a national network of community lending institutions that invest in opportunities to benefit low-income, low-wealth and other disadvantaged communities in the U.S.

OFN’s network of more than 180 Community Development Financial Institutions (CDFIs) finances community businesses that often find it challenging to secure financing from conventional financing institutions. Combining innovation and determination, these hand-selected CDFIs are performance-oriented, responsible, and affordable lenders that spark job growth in the areas where it is needed most. For more information, visit