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Starbucks Reserve® Malawi Lake of Stars

Starbucks Reserve® Malawi Lake of Stars

Item# 011020846
8 oz

Product Info

Often considered to be in the shadows of Kenya coffee, this Malawi coffee showcases some of the best flavor notes that East Africa has to offer.

Tasting Notes Chocolate and orange spice

Enjoy this with: Chocolate, citrus and a view of the stars.

Region africa-arabia

Product Details

Full-bodied with soft florals and chocolaty, orange spice notes.

Lake Malawi, Africa's third largest, is called "Lake of Stars" for the twinkle of fishermen's lanters reflecting on the water at night. It's as much a sight to behold as this coffee is a sip to remember. For only the second time we're offering a single origin coffee from Malawi, a country with one of the smallest coffee yields in East Africa. Cultivated and processed with meticulous care, this coffee is graded AA for its premium quality.

This Starbucks Reserve® coffee is available only at select times and stores, so be sure to enjoy it when you can.

At a Glance

Producer:  Grown on one of the finest estates in Malawi – The Sable Farming Company, LTD.

Elevation:  3,900 feet

Coffee Variety:  East African Varietals: Population3 and SL28

Processing Method:  Washed

Did You Know?

Coffee was introduced to Malawi in 1891 by the British and has been grown there ever since. This landlocked country known for its towering mountains with lush valley floors and large crystal-clear lakes is dominated by Lake Malawi, the 3rd largest in Africa.

Starbucks Reserve®

Of the thousands of coffees we encounter in our search for the best, only a precious few are deemed exceptional enough to become Starbucks Reserve® coffees, offered only for limited times at select stores.