Bean Coffee Press and Latte Milk Frother Kit by Bodum®

Bean Coffee Press and Latte Milk Frother Kit by Bodum®

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A coffee lover’s dream kit that includes a Coffee Press, Latte Milk Frother and 2 Presso Double Wall Glasses.

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Bean Coffee Press and Latte Milk Frother Kit by Bodum®

The Bean Coffee Press and Latte Milk Frother Kit bundles all the gear you need to make specialty coffee beverages at home. The kit includes a spill-proof borosilicate glass Bean coffee press that brews up to 34 fl oz of flavorful coffee. For foam-lovers, the Latte Milk Frother features a dual-rotating, air-pumping spiral that creates rich, creamy foam at the touch of a button – perfect for cafè au laits or steamed milk. To serve up your coffee creations, there are 2 insulating Presso Double Wall Glasses specially designed to keep hot drinks hot and cold drinks cold longer, while eliminating condensation and helping to prevent messy rings on the table. And the no-slip silicone band around the center of each glass lets you keep a grip on your morning coffee.


Bean Coffee Press
  • Temperature-safe borosilicate glass carafe holds up to 34 fl oz.
  • White plastic spill-proof encasing protects user and any surface from heat if knocked over.
  • Silicone gasket connecting lid and glass provides an insulating effect and helps maintain heat longer.
  • Simple-push lever allows coffee to flow into the cup.
Latte Milk Frother
  • Foaming spiral rotates in both directions and moves up and down to pump optimal air into the milk for more foam.
  • Big push button on top activates frother.
  • Holds up to 6 fl oz of hot or cold milk.
  • Batteries included in rubber lid.
  • Classic white color
Presso Double Wall Glasses
  • Each temperature-safe borosilicate glass holds up to 10 fl oz and is dishwasher safe.
  • Insulating double wall helps keep hot drinks hot and cold drinks cold.
  • Silicone plug on bottom maintains air-pressure between the two layers of glass, eliminating condensation.
  • Silicone band around center allows for firm, comfortable grip.

Set Includes

  • Bean Coffee Press, 34 fl oz, white
  • Latte Milk Frother, 6 fl oz, white
  • 2 Presso Double Wall Glasses, 10 fl oz, white silicone band