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Starbucks® Double Wall Glass, 14 fl oz

Starbucks® Double Wall Glass, 14 fl oz

Item# 011017295

Product Info

An exquisite handblown, double-walled glass featuring our Siren logo.

Product Details

StarbucksĀ® Double Wall Glass, 14 fl oz

This beautiful handblown glass with Siren logo marries simple elegance to functionality. Made of heat-resistant borascilicate glass, it features a double wall construction to help keep coffee hot and hands cool. Also perfect for tea, the 14-fl oz glass shows off the color of your beverage for a delightful effect, while the light catches the rim's edge for a lovely sheen. Dishwasher and microwave safe.

Did You Know

Used to make scientific lab glass, borosilicate glass (medical grade glass) is stronger than traditional glass and can be used for everything from drinkware to cookware.