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Starbucks® Reserve Pour-Over Cone

Starbucks® Reserve Pour-Over Cone

Item# 011009517

Product Info

A single-serving, manual coffee brewing system with Starbucks Reserve logo.

Product Details

Starbucks Reserve® Pour-Over Cone

One of the best ways to enjoy extraordinary Starbucks® Reserve coffees, this pour-over manual brewing system regulates the flow to bring out the full-bodied, aromatic flavours from your favourite coffee – and it's so easy to use. Just place the ceramic cone with a #4 paper filter over a mug and brew. Dishwasher safe.

How to Prepare

  • Place the ceramic cone on a mug
  • Insert a #4 paper cone filter and scoop in 4 TBSP coarsely ground coffee
  • Pour in 12 fl oz of hot water
  • Enjoy freshly brewed coffee by the cup!

Technical Details

Ceramic pour over cone is dishwasher safe.

Pour Over system uses Starbucks or Melitta filters.