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Tazo® Orange Blossom Full Leaf Tea

Tazo® Orange Blossom Full Leaf Tea

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Product Info

A light, invigorating blend of full-leaf jasmine green tea, gogi berries and tangerine peel.

Tasting Notes Floral, citrusy, sweet licorice.

Enjoy this with: Fresh fruit and spring-like weather.

Region multi-region

Product Details

Tazo® Orange Blossom Full Leaf Tea

Tazo® Orange Blossom is an uplifiting blend of Chinese green tea, refreshing citrus essences and sweet, soothing herbs. Scented with jasmine blossoms for a perfumed aroma and smooth, clean flavor, this full-leaf tea may just transport you to another place entirely.

How to Prepare

Did You Know?

Orange blossoms and brides have been associated throughout history, from the classical myth of Juno, Roman goddess of marriage, who carried orange blossoms on her wedding day, to the 19th-century fashion of weaving the scented flowers into wreaths for brides to wear in their hair.

Jasmine Blossom

High quality jasmine teas are green teas that are naturally scented with actual jasmine blossoms. The blossoms are added to the tea and then removed after their fragrance and flavor has been absorbed, giving the tea a smooth, clean and perfumed flavor.

About Tazo

Tea is one of life's simple pleasures.

And at Tazo, we believe that discovering authentic new tastes in tea makes the experience more enjoyable. Tazo searches the globe to obtain the finest botanicals and teas, then artfully blends these exotic ingredients to create unexpectedly rich, truly memorable flavor experiences.

Tazo is a member of the Ethical Tea Partnership (ETP), an alliance of international tea companies that are working together to improve the environmental sustainability of tea production and to help improve the lives and communities of tea workers. For more information, visit www.ethicalteapartnership.org.