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Tazo® Earl Grey Full Leaf Tea

Tazo® Earl Grey Full Leaf Tea

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A traditional full-leaf black tea, infused with the citrusy essence of bergamot.

Tasting Notes Floral, spicy lavendar, lemon.

Enjoy this with: A maple bar and an air of distinction.

Region multi-region

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Tazo® Earl Grey Full Leaf Tea

A traditional blend of black teas from India and Sri Lanka, Tazo® Earl Grey has been infused with citrusy Italian bergamot and a hint of spicy lavender. This delightfully refined full-leaf tea is perfect for sipping.

How to Prepare

Did You Know?

This traditional tea is named after British diplomat Earl Charles Grey, who became Prime Minister of the UK in the early 1830s. Legends have sprung up around how the well-traveled Earl may have come by the recipe for this bergomot-flavored tea, but we're just glad he passed it on to the masses.

Black Tea

Black teas are made from the fully fermented leaf of the Camellia sinensis plant.

Tazo® premium black teas are grown at high elevations for the best flavor and then plucked by hand. The leaves are then crushed and tightly rolled into wiry threads to release an enzyme that, when exposed to oxygen, begins the fermentation process and changes the leaves to a bright coppery color. They are then dried by oven firing, creating the malty, rich flavors and amber color that have been characteristic of black tea for thousands of years.

About Tazo

Tea is one of life's simple pleasures.

And at Tazo, we believe that discovering authentic new tastes in tea makes the experience more enjoyable. Tazo searches the globe to obtain the finest botanicals and teas, then artfully blends these exotic ingredients to create unexpectedly rich, truly memorable flavor experiences.

Tazo is a member of the Ethical Tea Partnership (ETP), an alliance of international tea companies that are working together to improve the environmental sustainability of tea production and to help improve the lives and communities of tea workers. For more information, visit www.ethicalteapartnership.org.