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Torrefazione Italia™ Perugia Blend™

Torrefazione Italia™ Perugia Blend™

Item# 000921005
12 oz

Product Info

A smooth medium-roast coffee and a choice blend for espresso drinks.

Tasting Notes Full-Bodied & Smooth

Enjoy this with: Cannoli and a stunning sunset.

Roast Medium

Product Details

Torrefazione Italia™ Perugia Blend™

Begin experiencing this full-bodied, smooth blend by inhaling its wonderfully heady aroma. Then take that first delightful sip. Perugia Blend™ satisfies your search for the very essence of rich, medium-roast flavor. That's why it's also our choice Torrefazione Italia™ coffee blend for espresso and espresso drinks.

How to Brew

Recipe for great coffee

  1. Grind beans just before use.
  2. Start with two rounded teaspoons (5 g) per 6 fl oz (180 mL) cup and adjust according to individual taste.
  3. To ensure freshness, brew within a week of opening and keep sealed tight in a cabinet (not the refrigerator).

Roast Profile

Crafted in the historic Pioneer Square district of Seattle, these authentic recipes represent the unique taste preferences that vary throughout Italy.

  • Light-roasted blends are preferred in Northern Italy.
  • Medium-roasted blends are preferred in the area around Perugia.
  • Darker-roasted blends are preferred in Southern Italy.