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Torrefazione Italia™ Montecatini Decaf™ Blend, Whole Bean

Torrefazione Italia™ Montecatini Decaf™ Blend, Whole Bean

Item# 000921000
12 oz

Product Info

A decaffeinated blend, roasted medium-dark for smooth, rich flavor.

Tasting Notes Smooth & Full-Flavored

Enjoy this with: Almond biscotti and the weekend ahead of you.

Roast Medium

Product Details

Torrefazione Italia™ Montecatini Decaf™ Blend, Whole Bean

Named for the healing waters of the famous spa in the Tuscan hills, this decaffeinated blend is roasted to a medium-dark roast to amplify its smooth texture and full-flavored body. We crafted it to be most versatile of all the Torrefazione Italia™ coffee blends, and any brewing method will bring out in it the very soul of hospitality.

How to Brew

Recipe for great coffee

  1. For whole bean, grind beans just before use.
  2. Start with two rounded teaspoons of ground coffee (5 g) per 6 fl oz (180 mL) cup and adjust according to individual taste.
  3. To ensure freshness, brew within a week of opening and keep sealed tight in a cabinet (not the refrigerator).

Roast Profile

Crafted in the historic Pioneer Square district of Seattle, these authentic recipes represent the unique taste preferences that vary throughout Italy.

  • Light-roasted blends are preferred in Northern Italy.
  • Medium-roasted blends are preferred in the area around Perugia.
  • Darker-roasted blends are preferred in Southern Italy.