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Moccamaster KBGT Coffee Maker by Technivorm

7.8 lbs
A handmade coffee maker of solid construction that brews at an optimal temperature for superb coffee.
Availability:  This item is in stock.
Moccamaster KBGT Coffee Maker by Technivorm

Built to withstand years of continual service, the 10-cup Technivorm Moccamaster is manufactured and assembled by hand—a personal touch that sets it apart. Featuring a heavy duty extruded aluminum body, a solid copper heating element, the Moccamaster brews exceptional coffee at an optimal temperature that's been certified by the Specialty Coffee Association of America (SCAA), and then holds a temperature suited to your needs. And you need only savor its rich, flavorful coffee to know that this coffee maker is truly a brewing master. This model has an automatic drip-stop feature.

10-cup capacity coffee maker brews at approximately 200° F, the perfect brewing temperature.

Durable extruded aluminum body is more durable than plastic.

Discrete design prevents coffee from coming into contact with any internal aluminum components.

Mixing tube in decanter helps eliminate thermal stratification.

Filter holder with Auto-drip-stop feature.

Clear water reservoir with graduated markings makes for easy filling.

Stainless steel thermo carafe.

Independent energy efficient heat exchanger.

Solid copper heating element features double safety guard.

Illuminated on/off switch.

  • Dimensions: 11"D x 6 3/4"W x 15.75"H
  • Carafe Capacity: 10 cup (40 fl oz)
  • Construction: Stainless Steel, Aluminum
  • Weight: 7.8 lbs
  • Made in the Netherlands
Moccamaster KBGT Coffee Maker by Technivorm 4.3 5 15 15
You get what you pay for Let's be honest... Nobody wakes up in the morning thinking, "today I want to spend $300 on a drip coffee maker." I mean, it almost sounds ridiculous! But then, because of your love for coffee, you see this beautiful machine and see how it's rated the best all over the Internet. So you bite the bullet and buy it. You start to have buyers remorse. You wake up the next morning thinking, "what?? I just spent $300 on a drip coffee machine?! What was I thinking?!" You start thinking about returning it, but you have to at least TRY it. What's all the fuss about anyway? So you go ahead and make your first pot. You fresh grind your beans, preheat your thermos, and watch every drip go through that amazingly fast copper heating element. ***its finally done!*** (which actually only took 4 min.) You pour your first cup of coffee into your favorite mug, that you also preheated of course... And then it hits you: THIS IS THE MOST INCREDIBLE CUP IF COFFEE I HAVE EVER HAD IN MY LIIIIIIIFE!!! It's true. That's my story. No more buyers remorse. You really do get what you pay for. My favorite features besides the design (coming from a Starbucks store manager and certified Coffee Master): - The 200 degree temperature coffee. It's truly amazing the effect this has on the quality of your brew. - The fast machine. I usually make 8 cups which takes the machine 4 minutes! - The shower head water dispenser. It's lines in copper to maintain the temperature of the water going through it, and it has 9 holes to shower over your grounds. Essentially you get an electronic pour over. You'll notice a taste and quality difference the MOMENT you take your first sip, but for kicks and giggles, brew it and your other machine side by shade with the same fresh grounds, etc. There is no way you won't notice the difference. If you prefer to make your coffee at home (like me), this coffee maker will change your mornings forever. Enjoy. December 22, 2014
Unless You've tried it, Your Taste Buds are Missing it... After living in Colombia for over 4 years, I've turned into a real coffee drinker. Even after moving back to Texas, with my Colombian wife, we still buy all of our coffee in Colombia, Sorry Starbucks. For the past 15+ years, we've had 2 coffee makers, one 12+ and the other failed after only 3 years. For whatever reason, I started shopping around, though I was boiling water and pouring it directly over the coffee each day. After about 10 days, I narrowed it down to the Moccamaster KBGT Coffee Maker by Technivorm and my love for the cup of "joe" become much deeper. I can't believe that I've drank hundreds, most likely thousands of cups that were brewed in what they call and sell as coffee makers. I now know what a real cup of coffee is to taste like and it's not bitter for sure. The only issue now is that my wife and teens are now drinking more, which isn't a real problem since it only takes 5 to 6 minutes to brew another 40oz. pot. Just set back and watch the "Lava Lamp" Moccamaster brew you up what's been the best cup of coffee I've ever experienced. It's a must and a great Christmas gift for family and more importantly yourself. November 24, 2014
Great product!! This coffee maker is pristine!! Very easy to use and very clean/cool look! Wish they had a screen filter. October 12, 2014
Great coffee This coffee maker is excellent. It brews fast (under 5 minutes) and hot. I love the automatic cut off, so once the coffee drips into the thermal carafe, we carry it outside to enjoy with our morning reading or birding. This is too tall to fit under the cabinets conveniently, and some of the parts are not attached, so it requires a little extra effort...all worth it for the delicious brew. It is a step in the ceremony of that first morning brew! May 12, 2014
Great Coffee and fast This is the best drip coffee maker I have ever owned. I have had it now for 6 months and still love it. Only caution - make sure to look at the dimensions closely if you are planning on sliding this under a cabinet. It is a lot taller than my other coffee makers and barely fits. April 3, 2014
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