How to Clean a Coffee Press

How to Clean a Coffee Press

Do your future self a favor: Give your coffee press a quick refresh after every use. And don't forget to separate and rinse out all three filter parts — the spring, the mesh and the cross. This ensures everything is clean, dry and ready to brew next time you need fresh coffee.

Pro Tips:

  • Cleaning your press after each use keeps oils away and your coffee fresh.

  • Compost your grounds. Coffee grounds enrich the soil with valuable nitrogen.

  • Clean with hot water and dish soap, baking soda, or Urnex Cafiza until all the coffee grounds are gone. Urnex Cafiza is especially effective for occasional "deep cleaning."

  • Keep individual parts separate as they air dry, or gently dry them with a soft dish towel.

You're now ready for your next batch. Happy brewing.




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