How To Brew Iced Coffee

How To Brew Iced Coffee

Learn how to make this refreshing drink using a coffee press

While iced coffee is delicious all year round, as temperatures rise, its popularity really soars. Watch as Starbucks® partner and coffee master Brian Bradley shows you how to make your home brew as delicious as any barista’s.

  • Coffee recommendation: Starbucks® Breakfast Blend

  • Ideal grind: Coarse, like sea salt

  • Double it up: Use twice as much coffee: 4 tablespoons for every 6 ounces water

  • Brew time: 4 minutes even, use your phone to time it

  • Serve over ice: As it melts it dilutes the coffee to balance it perfectly

  • Customize: Add milk, simple syrup or a scoop of ice cream to your taste

Pro Tip #1:

Use a bright, acidic coffee. Pouring hot coffee over ice brings out the acidity, enhancing the flavor.

Pro Tip #2:

Pour hot coffee immediately over ice in a heat-proof glass. The melting ice ensures proper dilution for perfect strength.

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